CU Belay Glasses are definitely essential tool when it comes to pain in cervical vertebrae from endless belaying. I bet you all know it. You would love to stare upwards, to watch your partner, but
your soar neck just doesn’t allow this after a while. It requires some time to get used to it, at first it seemed to me as if I was watching a video rather than belaying, and it was easy to loose attention, but after a while I could stay very cautios even while wearing my CU’s. It is an easy thing, how to make you long-awaited climbing day even more pleasant.
  • Weltmeister 2014 im Bouldern
  • Weltmeister 2014 im Lead
  • Vizeeuropameister 2015 im Bouldern
  • Dritter im Gesamtweltcup 2015 im Bouldern
  • Weltcupgesamtsieger im Lead 2015
  • Weltmeister 2016 im Lead
  • Vizeweltmeister 2016 im Bouldern